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Ford 302 carburetor diagram

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All Products This carburetor has the same list number as the original carburetor on the BOSS This is a remanufactured item. Supply your carburetor to be professionally rebuilt or exchange it if you think your carburetor is cursed or haunted.

You can exchange it for a professionally rebuild one. If you don't have a core please select the core charge below and add it to the shopping cart to buy a carburetor out right. Cars equipped with a manual transmission have only one diaphragm that is located on the driver's side of the carburetor. Notes: All remanufactured carburetors carry a day warranty. When purchasing a "Remanufactured Carburetor" it is expected that you supply a like "Core". Upon receiving your "Core" we will have it professionally rebuilt.

Remanufactured carburetors cannot be returned. All sales are final. Add to Cart:. I'll buy one locally. No core charge. Exchange my carburetor for a rebuilt one. Add core charge. Acknowledgement Please choose one Yes, I will send photos of my carburetor within 24 hrs. Photo's don't apply, buying outright. Customers who bought this product also purchased Holley Throttle Base.

Holley Replacement Air Horn. Supplier Info. Reviews Write a review on this product.Login Register Login Remember me. Lost Password? Joined: Dec Reputation: 7. When I started the car today I noticed the motor was running irregulary so I tried to adjust the 2 screws in the front and got it all out of wack, it looks like poor running is still a fuel pump problem so I need to reset the 2 screws in the front correctly Can someone post a real easy static adjustment for the two front screws?

Something like turn both screws all the way in untill closed then back them out such and such many turns, etc. Joined: May Reputation: I usually back them out 3 turns to get close then find the sweet spot from there. Joined: Jan Put a tach on the car or use a vacuum gauge and adjust each screw one at a time until the curb idle speed or vacuum maxes out. Adjust idle rpm back down todepending upon your wishes, and adjust once more.

Usually, turning one of the screws one way or the other makes the engine run just a touch rougher. Let me check your shorts! Thanks midlifecaspianwendell - did you mean 3 complete turns? I have a dual distributor and dis connected and plugged all the vacuum lines, I have the vacuum line from the side of carb going to the part of the distribitor with the big diaphram chamber on it.

Is this correct or should it go to the front?

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Joined: Sep Sounds lean to me. Do you have a vacuum gauge? This diagram may help with the hoses. Machman; Wrote: Thanks midlifecaspianwendell - did you mean 3 complete turns? All vacuum lines should be connected. Most people refer to a "full turn" as the top of the screwhead goes to the bottom.

ford 302 carburetor diagram

To me, a "full turn" is when the top of the screwhead returns to the top. That gets you close. Then adjust screw in one direction: it typically will either get worse then go in the other directionor get better then worse. Find the best position.

ford 302 carburetor diagram

Best position is highest and smoothest rpm. Joined: Apr Reputation: 6. Have you got a vacuum guage?

Motorcraft 2 bbl adjustment

If so, you want to adjust both sides, so that you get the highest number in inches, of vacuum, at idle. I heard the 71s could be tricky as alot of expiermenting was done. I reconnected both dist vacuum hoses back onone to the side of carb one to vacuum port on rear of engine and am pretty sure both are correct.

I initially connected the port in the rear of the carb body that activates the carb plunger on top that opens the choke during higher rpms to the transmission metal tube vacuum line but realized it was wrong as when I ran the car it sucked and the plunger on the choke was conmtinuosly down.

I figured it belonged connected onto the rear vacuum intake terminal as well so it would only activate the choke plunger on hard driving. If not connecting vacuum to the metal trans tube where are some places that tube vacuum line should go? AJ woodsnake; Wrote: Have you got a vacuum guage?Display Options. Already know the part number you need?

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ford 302 carburetor diagram

Search Within Results.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. Please Check the part number and our fitment before placing order. Professional installation recommended! Feature: Made of heavy duty grey metal construction. Efficiently improve Throttle response,maintain near stock Fuel mileage. Add horsepower for better Engine performance.

High quality and durable! Direct fit, Great replacement for your old one! Enhance your love car performance! Please clean up the oil channels and air filters as well as use the clean fuel before installing the carburetors.

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FORD 5.0L/302 Holley Carburetors

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Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Got my finally running!! Do I need to install a pvc vent to the air cleaner? Running a elect fan but motor seams a little hot to me. Need to figure out a few things yet ran it around the block a few times and it quit?? It's a with a c4 transmission elderbrock carb. OldBlueOvalSep 4, I bought a set of Edelbrock finned aluminum valve covers for the in my 27 and then realized they had no provision for venting or even adding oil, so I added a pair of Moon breathers that have a removable top that allows me to add oil through them.

I've run the car this way for a year now and it works fine. You will be ok with what you described. Don's Hot RodsSep 4, A pcv needs full vacuum,the air cleaner will not work.

I made the mistake of not venting the crankcase on my 65 Comet ,blew out the front seal. That is how an original closed crankcase setup was run. You NEED to vent the crankcase somehow!!MotorCraft carb.

I noticed hesitation, in some cases almost to the point of stalling the engine, when stepping on the gas pulling away when the light turns green. There does seem to be something wrong with the accelerator pump or the mechanism that works the accelerate pump arm.

For some reason that arm is pulled in all the time. It never goes out. So I get no accelerator pump action. But it must have moved before, as I had no acceleration problem before. What do you think? Anyone seen this configuration before?

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This is the best diagram of that carburetor that I have found. Remove the four screws from the accelerator pump cover. Replace the accelerator pump diaphram and the spring. I would let that make me feel superior but I recall going to a funeral with a new cell phone and not knowing how to turn off the ringer and a 10 year old next to me figured it out and shut it off in less than 5 seconds.

Talk about feeling stupid. Left to Right on the diagram. When I press on the gas pedal the throttle shaft lever moves backwards clockwise in that diagram. Instead it is connected to an extension on the accel pump overtravel spring. If the diaphragm is ruptured or leaking, gas leaks out from the pump cover…The problem probably lies in how the pump over-ride lever and pump over-ride spring are operating or not operating…Is the spring broken or the lever jammed…?

Well a rebuild kit for it costs about nothing. Another thing is to see if anything is just rusted in place. Anybody can fix this problem. The great thing is you can just remove the part first and look at it. Good advice from the other posters. The casing is aluminum I think. I believe I had to use at least one over-sized bolt to make it hold until the sealent set. Nothing on the outside anyway. You could tap the stripped holes out to the next size up and bore the holes out in the cover to allow for the larger screws.

The carburetor body is probably made of pot metal, not aluminum, so any tapping of stripped holes should be done slowly and with care to avoid cracking the casting. About those stripped threads… The rebuilders likely have more Ford 2bbl cores than they know what to do with. I had to enlarge one hole on my cover and put a slightly larger screw in.

I did not tap it I just let it make its own threads. For drivability, they added a vacuum operated aux. But, since I was getting 29 mpg out of it and had decent power, I lived with it. The early Motorcraft 2bbl carburetors had an adjustable stroke on the accelerator pump. On trucks with manual transmissions it was best to run at the richest position.

Tester July 6,am 3. Like Tester said, it is the diaphragm!!! Caddyman July 6,am 7. How about a rebuilt carb?When doing a build like this a few things need to be considered and rectified prior to doing this build.

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These are the things to notate and fix. The rest of the items you see are pretty straight forward when it comes to building your new Email me with any questions. I will help. Use these torque specifications as a reference when building your budget This image is fairly common around the net but is a good reference. You may use the image however you like. These are the steps I take to plug the engine block dipstick hole. This method works and is very inexpensive. This method is permanent and never leaks.

Tap the threads and set the plug with RTV on the threads. After, turn the block over and add RTV sealer into the hole and feather out to make a clean finish.

Use a plug and do it right. After setting the brass plug into the hole, add and feather blue RTV on the underside of the block to guarantee a perfect seal. Converting the EFI Small Block Ford to Carburetor Considerations When doing a build like this a few things need to be considered and rectified prior to doing this build.

You will also need to RTV and feather the underside of the block. Torque Specifications For Small Block Ford Use these torque specifications as a reference when building your budget Outer Main Cap Bolts Engine 40 ft-lbs.

Connecting Rod, Engine Oil 25 ft-lbs. Cylinder Heads Use Sealer 70 ft-lbs. Rocker Arms Engine Oil 20 ft-lbs. Oil Pump Engine Oil 25 ft-lbs.

Technical Details

Oil Pan Engine Oil 15 ft-lbs. Camshaft Thrust Plate Thread Locker 10 ft-lbs.

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Cam Bolt upper gear Thread Locker 40 ft-lbs. Front Cover Engine Oil 20 ft-lbs. Valve Cover Engine Oil 10 ft-lbs.

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Flexplate Automatic Thread Locker 85 ft-lbs. Flywheel Clutch Thread Locker 85 ft-lbs.

ford 302 carburetor diagram

Clutch Pressure Plate Thread Locker 35 ft-lbs. Center bolt Harm.

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